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Props for Film, Television, Commercials, Music Video and Events 

To use this site, click the blue tabs to select your Props                  Over 10,000 Props in stock !


Working on a tight budget?  We will adjust our prices to work within your budget! 

RJR has successfully provided Props to more than 125 Feature Films and Television shows,

and more than 300 Commercials, Shows, Conventions, Ad Campaigns and Music Videos


Welcome to RJR Props!  We specialize in Prop Rentals, Movie Props and Custom Props. We provide Props for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, Events & Advertising. We can rig virtually any prop to light up and work! Working Office Props: computers, phones, fax machines & copiers.  Over 2000 phones to choose.  Working Medical Props: Doctor's Office, Hospital, ER/OR/ICU, Labor & Delivery, Neonatal, MRI, Life Support.  Extensive Security Props for Police, Courthouse, Jail Scenes & Military: security cameras & monitors, retina & hand-scanners, fingerprint ID, mag swipe readers, keypads, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, baggage scanners, jail phones. Airport Props: Aircraft interior, Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, stanchions, ropes. Bank props: Vault, teller terminals, money counters, prop money.  Working Retail Store Props: cash registers, price scanners, receipt printers. Forensic, Crime labs and Research Labs: DNA & blood analyzers, test tubes, spectrometers, microscopes, gas masks, biological suits, microscopes.  We build working Computer Rooms: over 3000 Computers: from vintage mainframes and PC's to the newest Servers.  Sci-Fi props: exotic electronics, control panels, dials, gages. Military Props: Military Radios, Military Computers, Crypto-Comm Gear, Military Test Sets.  Hand Props and Vintage Props.  RJR Props can provide working realistic Props for your feature film, show, commercial, music video, or event.  Please let us know your needs, and we will find a cost-effective way to provide it. 

To use this site: click the blue tabs,  choose a genre,  select your Props.

Huge diversity of Props to choose:

  To use this site: click the blue tabs,  choose a genre,  select your Props

Here's our newest prop!  It's an Aircraft!

RJR Props can now provide you with an Aircraft Interior for your filming needs.  We just purchased a 20' section of aircraft interior.  It's the same look, size, and configuration as an Airbus A119 or A120.  Please click the blue tab labeled "Aircraft Interior" for more info.


What's New?   RJR IS EXPANDING!   LOADS of New Props!

AIRCRAFT Interior:  Seats, Overhead Bins, Windows, Walls and more!

Medical & HospitalWorking Props Labor/Delivery, Ultrasound, Neonatal ICU

Airport PropsNEW! Working Baggage Scanner, Metal Detectors, Stantions  

Office Props & Bull PensNEW! Over 500 new Phones Added (many light-up!)

Computers: Over 1000! PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Vintage PCs just added!

Working High-Tech Security: Security Cameras, Retina/Hand Scanners, Alarms

BankWorking ATMs, Vault, Money, Money Counters, Money Bags, Stanchions

Jail: Prison Beds, Phones, Working Security Cameras, Access Control Panels

 Elevator PropsNEW! Working Floor Indicators, Working Elevator Controls

Retail Store Props: NEW! Self-Checkout Lane, Working Registers, Printers

Electronic Design & Hand Props: We can make ANYTHING light-up and work





Prop Money:  Standard-Grade:


Prop Money:  High-Grade:


Recent Productions:

Geostorm (Warner Bros): Server Farm, Custom Props design 

Ant-Man (Marvel / Big Talk): Electronic Props, Custom Props design 

The Phenom (Elephant Eye Films): Cameras, Mics, News Crew Gear, Electronic Props

Hindsight (Pop Films): A/V Gear, Sound & Light Controllers, Custom Electronic Props 

Person of Interest (Warner Bros): Electronic Props, Custom Props design

Triple Nine (Worldview Ent): Prop Money, Electronic Props, Bank Props, Security Props

Halt and Catch Fire  (AMC): RJR provided Vintage Computer Props and Electronic Props

The Red Band Society  (ABC Studios):   High-tech Security Props and Electronic Props 

Make the most of every day.  And try to see the good in everyone and in everything -  RJ


Panasonic Pro

JVC Professional:

JVC with optional Studio Monitor:


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Military Computers

and Military Props


High Power Server Racks

and Server Farm Props





Computer Server Rack Props available:  We have various ready made units, or we can custom-build Racks or Props as needed.  Please tell us what you need. 


To see more examples of our props, please click the icon labelled "Props Available" or "About Us".




Medical Props available: Ask about the Medical items and devices available for Prop Rental.  From microscopes and analyzers, to MRI units and more.  Thank you!

To see more examples of available props, please click the icons labelled "Props Available" or "About Us".


Office Props:  RJR can provide Office Props: Computers, Monitors, Keyboards,  Printers, Telephones, Copiers, Faxes and more!  Ask about our Office Props.

Would you like to see more examples of available props? 

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