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Props for Film, Television, Commercials, Music Video and Events

To use this site, click the blue tabs to select your Props                          Over 10,000 Props in Stock!


Luxury Jet for filming, Luxury Jet mockup, Luxury jet for rent, luxury jet movie set


Technical Props that light up and work!

Over 800 Feature Films & TV shows, 4000 Music Videos, Commercials, Ads, Corporate Videos & Conventions!

Working on a tight budget?  We will help you stay in budget!


You can order prop money online, or come visit us!  If you need to rent props, call us, let us what you need, or come visit us!  To set up a production account: click here If you need help, please call us at (404) 349-7600.  We are here to help you! We have masks & hand sanitizer at all entrances.  For info about our Covid policies: click here



Prop Rentals and Movie Props for Feature Film, Television, Commercials, Music Video, Corporate Video, Events & Advertising.  We provide Medical Props, Hospital Rooms, Doctor's Office, Airplanes, Helicopters, Cockpits, Exotic Electronics, Control Panels and Large Industrial Electronics. Computers & Servers: from 1958 to ultra modern. We have the largest computer collection in TV & Film: over 5000 computers. Working Elevator Props, TV Studio Cameras, Radio Station Set, Recordering Studio. Police Props, Courthouse, Jail & Military. Hi-tech Security Retina scanners, mag swipes, and more. Rigged working phones. Military Props: tactical electronic gear, military radios, military computers, comm Gear. Bank set, Prop Money, Retail Store Props. Forensic Labs, Crime labs and Research Labs. News cameras, vintage cameras Playback TV's and A/V gear.  RJR Props can provide working realistic practical Props for your feature film, show, commercial, music video, or event.  Please let us know your needs, and we will find a cost-effective way to provide it! > Click here to understand our rental process <

You can also order medicines, some pills are now sold at a discount, more details here.




RJR Props - Hospital Props



Computer Servers - RJR Props, Computer Server Props.




Distressed Standard-Grade: Our most realistic money!

It's 2-Sided.  Perfect for filming as close as 15" 
Ideal for fanning, flashing, raining.  Looks incredible!  $65/stack


We also have 12 other prop money styles from $24 to $65!

-->>  Click here to Order, or to see other styles <<--

RJR Props - Prop Money - Distressed.



2-Sided. Perfect for shots 18" to infinity
For fanning, flashing, raining, counting
$45 a stack.  Get 5 stacks or more $39 ea!


-->>  Click here to order Prop Money <<--

RJR Props - Movie Money - Prop Money - Standard-Grade



               1-Sided (to keep it legal).
     For close-ups: Looks real at 6 inches!!
                       $45 per stack

    ->> Click here to order Prop Money<<-

RJR Props - Realistic Prop Money - Movie money - High-Grade

RJR's Prop Money


Chosen as the BEST prop money in the Television & Film Industry!
Carefully designed to look real on camera. Safe for proper film use.

Did you know that money from some other suppliers can get you fined or jailed?

Avoid Problems! Use RJR's Prop Money for your production!



Other suppliers claim their money is legal, but it may violate Federal Counterfeiting Law USC 18

Many other suppliers sell improper money with illegal images, double-sided restrictions, and security violations. 

If a person buys, uses or pocesses improper money, they may be prosecuted, fined and jailed.  Even if it's just a video.

They risk having their production shut down, fines and production delays. Don't take chances.  We work with

Law Enforcement  We try to carefully follow ALL regulations to give you the VERY BEST Prop Money available!

Feel comfortable with RJR Props! Our money passed 3 U.S. Government inspections


Avoid problems: Use RJR Props Money.  We provide the very best to keep you safe!

Be safe with RJR Props, giving you the safest, most realistic prop money!
--->>   Click Here to Order!   <<---

Money in Fast & Furious, Money in Fast and Furious, Fast & Furious money


Lil Baby on RJR Props Jet

Lil Baby filming on our Luxury Jet


RJR's Prop Money appears in:  Fast & Furious, Baby Driver, Ozark, Flag Day, Good Girls,

Logan Lucky, 24 Legacy, Wolf of Wall Street, Clifford, Let's Be Cops, The Quad,

Survivors Remorse, American Made, Good Morning America and more.  Artists include,

Young Dolph, Lil Baby, Fifty Cent, Kendrick Lamar, BA, Two Chains and more! Our money

is used by the biggest & best productions in Film, Television, Commercials & Music Videos. 

Are you a Feature Film, TV shows or Commercial Production? Call for qty discount! (404) 349-7600

RJR Props - Ozark Money in wall


RJR Props - Money in Logan Lucky


High-Grade Prop Money for closeups:

So realistic we're only allowed to print it on 1 side.  It is 1 sided. $45/stack

These are not copies! We created these images at our facility

RJR Props - Prop Money - High-Grade - 3-18-2019


RJR Props money featured on Ozark & CNN!

RJR's money has been in hundreds of TV shows & Feature Films

And thousands of Commercials & Music Videos (Ozark shown below)


-->>> Click Here to see RJR Props featured on CNN <<<--

RJR Props - Ozark Money in Wall


AWARD for Prop Money:  Realism, Design, Safety & Excellent Service:

rjr props - excellence medal



Recent Productions who used RJR Props!

Jurassic Work Dominion        NCIS       Ozark S3        Shrill      Tag Team     American Soul S2     

Doom Patrol       The Hunt       Chicago PD       The Collected          Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Resident               Chicago Fire           Lansky       Stars Collide        Big Red      Blood Moon

Stranger Things      American Soul     Purge        Atlanta      First Man      Star      Cobra Kai

Ozark      Ant-Man 2     Good Girls     Antidote     MacGyver      Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

Avengers 4: Infinity War       Dead Pool     Mile 22        Boy Erased        Heaven       Brockmire

Black Lightening      Godzilla 2019      Lodge 49       Kevin Saves the World       Trial by Fire

Atlanta       Valor     Night School      The Originals       Daphne & Velma     Misfits & Monsters

The Front Runner     Logan Lucky      Escape Plan 2     24 Legacy      Being Mary Jane     Spiderman

 Fast & Furious 8       Acrimony     Antidote    Shots Fired      Good Behavior       Stan Against Evil

NCIS       Killing Reagan       Bay Watch         Steel Country       Notorious     Office Xmas Party

Scream 3       Gifted       Captain America        Element        Baby Driver      Billionaire Boys Club

Passengers         Hap and Leonard        Felt       House of Cards       Blindspot        Chicago PD

Antman         Sully         Survivor's Remorse        Offer & Comprimise        Madam Secretary




        RJRs prop money was featured on CNN's The Big Story:


                --->>>  Click here for the Full Story!   <<<---


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