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Airport Props:

We are proud to offer Airport Props.  It is the most realistic TSA X-Ray Baggage Scanner available on the Prop market. The X-Ray Machine Prop looks realistic and works like the real thing, but it has no X-Ray tube, making it harmless and safe to work with. This Prop X-Ray Baggage Scanner is large and a bit heavy, so you will need to make proper shipping & insurance arrangements. 

Secure Check in Area with:

X-RAY BAGGAGE SCANNER & Walk through Metal Detector: (working practical prop)

Genuine WORKING TSA X-Ray Baggage scanner.  Belt runs forward, backward or stops. All X-Ray components have been removed. Can be confirgured to look ultra modern or period: we add a flat panel monitor for a newer look, or a CRT style security monitor for an older look.  We have stainless steel extensions with rollers for each side if you need them. Looks exactly like the Airport TSA unit, and we also have plastic bins. The unit is on heavy duty castors so it's easy to move but it is heavy.  Ideal for X-Ray Baggage Scanner for Airport Scenes, Security Screenings, Court House Scenes and More.  Can be configured with stainless steel extensions on or off.  IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LOADING DOCK: CALL ME TO DISCUSS!!  Or you may have problems loading/unloading.

Color: Medium Gray,   Qty: 1,   Price: $TBD  (we will work with your budget)

Walk through Metal Detector:

Qty: 6 Available,  Made for TV & Film (Working Pratical Prop w/no sound), Price: $TBD


RJR Props - X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner:

This is our newest most gorgeous Scanner! The belt runs and we provide 2 monitors. One is for controlling the unit and the other is playback.

Qty: 1

Color: As shown

Functionality: Working & Practical. Belt runs! Monitor can be used for playback!

Rental Price: Call

X-Ray Baggage Scanner:

*Actual Genuine TSA Scanner
*Working & Practical
*Modified for Television & Film
*Conveyor Belt fully functional
*Includeplayback monitors

Qty Available: 1
Color: As shown
Size: 8.5 approx 
Option: Stainless Steel Tables
            with rollers fore & aft

Rental Price: TBD Call

X-Ray Baggage Scanner:

*Actual Genuine TSA Scanner
*Working & Practical
*Modified for Television & Film
*Conveyor fully functional
*Includes Playback monitors

Qty Available: 1
Color: As shown
Size: Approx 6' long

Rental Price: TBD Call

(Shown with backpack X-Ray)

Walk Thru Metal Detectors:

*Rigged & Practical!
*30' Remote Controlled
*Red LED bar on frt & back

These units are fully operational and they are triggered by a remote control. Press the button and the flashing lights go on. They do not make sound. You can add your choice of sounds in post.

QTY Avail: 4
Color: As shown
Function: Practical

Rental Price: TBD Call

RJR Props - Mission Control Desk

RJR Props - Air Traffic Control Desk


Air Traffic Control Desk:

Practical & Working!

It has 12 functional

playback monitors. We can also provide playback units for them.

We have approx 40 playback graphics to choose from as well.

The upper rows of monitors can be removed.

Rental Price: Call 

RJR Props - Boarding pass Ticket Scanner

Boarding Pass Ticket Scanners:

Qty Avail: 4

Functionality: Dressing

Rental Price: Call

This is what the unit can look like if it is painted differently and dressed differently.  Currently, out unit is painted a uniform medium gray.  This is simply an example of what it can look like if it is dressed differently:


With working playback graphics

Qty: 2 (2 diff styles)

Price: TBD


Metal Detector Wand Scanner:

Qty: 3 available

Color: As shown

Function: Fully Working.  It can beeps, buzz or vibrate when it finds metal objects

Rental Price:  $65/wk

Walk Through Metal Detectors  They look amazing!

Rigged to light up and work!  These units look AMAZING!  Ideal for filming under studio lights.  These were built specifically for the film industry.  There is a large red light that can be triggered as needed.

Qty Avail: 4 available!

Color: As shown

Rental Price: TBD 



Metal Detector: Walk Through

Full Size: Lights up!

Qty Avail: 1

Rental Price: $TBD


Retail Theft Deterrant Panels

 - or -

Security Walk Through Panels


These units look nice.  They have legs on the bottom to stand up with, and they have large sleek glass panels to walk through.

Qty: 5 panels total (2.5 sets)


Rental Price: $TBD


We all need to wait in lines at Airports. We have Stantions for all your Airport Needs.

Style 1: Black Poles with retractable straps.  Each strap provides approx 3' of barrier.

Qty Available: 15 (45 feet of total barrier available)

Style 2: Chrome Poles with Ropes or Chains.  Each chain provide approx 3' of barrier. 

Qty Available: 15 (45 feet of total barrier available)

Price: TBD