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Elevator Props:

These are genuine elevator operator panels.  We have rigged them so they are fully operational for prop use.  Various lights light up.  The emergency call light works, call buttons work, etc.  We have TWO UNITS AVAILABLE.  They are exact opposites, like bookends (see photo below).  The RIGHT HAND PANEL is designed to go on the right side of the door, as you're standing in the elevator looking at the doors.  The LEFT HAND PANEL is designed to go on the left side of the door as you are standing in the elevator looking at the doors.  We have right side and left side panels, so we can position one on either side of a prop elevator.  If you prefer to set up a prop elevator with panels on both sides, these are ideal.  They can also be used in a props elevator that has 2 doors: a front and rear door.  There is normal wear.  If you want us to blacken the black buttons or to polish the steel to give it a fresh new look, we can do it.  Please let us know what you need.  Thank you!


Elevator Panels


We have (3) pcs of genuine Elevator panels.  These are full size 5' tall brushed stainless steel panels.  We have 2 fully re-wired to look  and perform properly on camera.   We also have 1 call panel in brushed stainless steel. 

Price: $TBD.00


Here is the "Call Panel" shown below.  It is fully operational!  We rigged it so that the button will light up when the actor presses it, and the light will go off when the doors are pulled open.  It is finished in matching brushed stainless steel.

NEW!  Elevator Control Panel for small buildings

This is ideal for 3 to 5 floors.  This is made is brushed stainless steel. It looks great and is in excellent condition. It has a floor indicator (which is not yet rigged yet), an emergemcy speaker, a few emergency buttons) and an emergency fireman's access door.  It looks great!


Qty available: 1

Color: As Shown

Rental Price: Call please (404) 349-7600

NEW!  Elevator Control Panel for medium size buildings

This is ideal for 8 floors.  This is made is brushed stainless steel. It looks great and is in excellent condition. It has a floor indicator (which is not yet rigged yet), an emergency speaker, a few emergency buttons) and fireman's controls.  It looks great!


Qty available: 1

Color: As Shown

Rental Price: Call please (404) 349-7600


Elevator Call Panels:

We have MANY styles available. Here are a few.

The panel on the left is rigged to light up automatically.

They look great!


Qty available: 1 of the left.  2 pcs avail on the right.

Color: As Shown

Rental Price:  Call please (404) 349-7600

Large Brass Elevator Control Panel:

Qty: 2

This is a genuine brass elevator control panel.  It is gorgeous. 

We have 2 pcs but only one of them has buttons in it.

We did not re-work the second unit yet. It has holes where the

black buttons would go.  We can re-finish that unit as needed.

This is ideal for any gorgeous brass elevator cab.  Gorgeous!

(Please excuse the brass polish that was wiped on) It was being

re-finished when we took the photo.

Rental Price: TBD



Many Styles of Elevator Control Panels, Indicator Lights and Call Bottons:


Call Panels, Buttons, Indicators, etc

Here are some of the brass Elevator props that we have. There are more on the photo directly above this as well.  Ask about RJR's Brass Elevator Panels. Call (404) 349-7600

Fireman's Phone Panel:

Qty available: 1

Color: As Shown

Rental Price: Call please (404) 349-7600


Elevator Emergency Call Box:


Qty : 1


Color: As shown


Rental Price: $TBD




Floor Indicator Prop:

We have 1 floor indicator available for Prop Rental.  We designed itat our Prop Design Center.

It can be installed outside an elevator, or inside an elevator.  This floor indicator shows which floor

the elevator is on.  It displays a red Led, and it can display 1 thru 99.  It comes with a remote control

that can be easily operated by any props person to make the floor numbers go up or down.



Sketch of Elevator Props:

We can provide the left and right side elevator panels.  You can see how they look below.



Elevator Prop Features:

Many features light up and work on our Prop Elevator Panels. If you need something specific,

we can do electronic design to make do whatever you need.  Please let us know what you need

and we will get it done right!

Elevator Props: Available for Rental

We do not have elevator cabs, but we do have all the elevator hardware props you need:  Arrow Up/Down Indicator Lights, Call Buttons, Elevator Interior Control Panels, LED Floor Indicators, and more!  We do not have a cab, but we have all the other parts.