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24-Frame Monitors, 24 Computers and 24-frame Playback:

We are proud to bring you 24 frame monitors, 24 frame computers, and 24 frame props, for all your 24 frame playback needs.  We have over 75 monitors that run in 24 frame playback mode. You can choose from CRT style or LCD style playback monitors.  We also have a wide variety of computers that provide 24 Frame Playback for Office Scenes.  These are fully loaded with Operating System, drivers and applications to make your office scenes look realistic.  Many of these computers can run Director images on Windows for Playback.  

Most of our flat panel monitors work very well for 24 frame playback, but doing a camera test prior to use is recommended.  Using CRT monitors for 24 frame playback requires adjustment and camera testing prior to use.  Some CRTs work well with certain cameras and lenses, other CRTs do not.


Flat Panel Monitors available for 24 fps Playback:

We have over 125 flat panel monitors available for playback. Many styles and sizes to choose.

Sizes available:  5" - 24" Diagonal LCD Monitors

Color: Black, Silver, Gray

Qty: Approx 125 pcs

Rental Price: $TBD

Playback Computers for

Office Scenes:

We have 20 pcs of this HP computer loaded with OS and drivers.  It's ideal for accepting your memory stick containing Director Images for playback.  If you need LCD Monitors to complete the look, we have over 75 pcs in stock!

Rental Price: $TBD

This can create the look you need for your office scene,

as shown below, showing the graphics mock-up:



Playback Monitors:


We have a wide variety of 24 frame playback monitors available*.  Many are Sony Trinitron units with multiple inputs.

Colors: Black, Gray, Silver, Putty

Qty Available: 35+

Rental Price: $TBD

* 24 frame CRT monitors all require adjustment and camera testing prior to use.  Some units work well with certain cameras and lenses, other monitors do not.


Rackmount 24 Frame Playback Monitors available:

Many Playback monitors available: