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School Props: for Classroom Scenes

We can provide: Modern LCD Projectors, "Old School" Vintage Overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors, Desks, Pencil Sharpeners, Clocks, PA System, Computers, Monitors, Cork Boards, Chemistry Class Glassware, Microscopes, and much more!


Overhead Projectors:

Many to choose from.


Qty: 10 available


Colors: White, Gray, Tan, Brown, Cream


Rental Price: $TBD

blackboard prop


Qty: 1

Rental: TBD

vintage blackboard prop


Qty: 1

Rental: TBD


Science Lab with Microscopes:

We have lots of Matching microscopes in stock.  Approx 15-20 set of microscopes and science gear. Call for more details!  (404) 349-7600

LCD Projectors

Science Class / Chemistry Class:


Beakers, test tubes, flasks, etc.


Qty: 50+


Rental Price:  $TBD


School Computers

"Scantron" Test Scoring Machine


Qty: 1


Color: Cearm and Tan


Rental Price: $TBD

Student "ID Card" Maker by Polaroid


Qty: 1


Color: tan/brown


Rental Price: $TBD

Cork Boards


Vintage look, vintage feel.