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Music Video Props

RJR Props sells or rents Prop Money, fake money, money counters and props and for your Music Video.  We ship anywhere in the USA.  We have done over 500 Music Videos.  If you want to see a sample of our work, look at the latest video by Kendrick Lamar and Fifty Cent.  You will see our Prop money featured in the video "We Up".  Call us today if you need Prop Money, Fake Money, Money Counters, or other Props for your Music Video. 

DOING A MUSIC VIDEO?:  My name is RJ.  I helped make over 500 music videos.  We have the best prop money in the world.  I want to help make your video successful.  Here is some help to get a good full look.  Get 5-10 stacks of Standard Grade.  Each stack is about 1" thick.  Has 100 bills in each stack.  Get more if your scene needs it, but 5-10 looks good.  The money looks real on camera for all your normal scenes.  Its $45/stack. Standard-Grade has the lowest price.  Looks real for fanning, flashing, making it rain money, etc.  Need a close-up shot?  Get 1-2 stacks of High Grade.  It looks VERY real, but it's only printed on 1 side.  When it comes to Prop Money BUY IT,  don't rent it.  If you are making Music Videos, you will need it again and again for your next videos.  If you need help with camera placement, lighting, or tips how to make it rain money, call me.  If you are doing a scene where you need money in a duffle bag, call me.  I can give you tips how to make it look like a full bag with more money.  If your video looks good, you will come back to me to buy more, and you will tell other artists about me.  I always try to make you look good !   -  RJ

RJR Props - Prop Money.

RJR Props - Prop Money - Standard-Grade - 3-18-2019RJR Props - Prop Money - Standard-Grade - 2 stacks

Standard-Grade Prop Money: (printed on both sides)

Most videos get 5-10 stacks.

This is our standard grade prop money.  It looks good and it's printed on both sides (front & back).  It's good for all shots from 3' or further away. Looks realistic under studio lights. You can fan it, flash it, throw it, make it rain, etc.  Most videos get 5-10 stacks.  Each stack has 100 bills and it's about 1" tall.  Comes in stacks of: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100.  You can use it over and over for all your videos.  It lasts for years.  But it's not good for close-ups and tight shots.  You will need our High-Grade money for the tight shots.  Std grade is $45 per stack.  Get 10 or more and it drops down to $40/stack. 

$45 per stack to buy it

$39 per stack if you get 5 or more

Call (404) 349-7600 to place your order

-->> Click Here to Order! <<--





High-Grade Prop Money: (printed on 1 side)

Most videos get 2-3 stacks of this for close-ups.

High-Grade prop money looks exactly like real money, but it's only printer on one side.  It looks so real, if we printed on the back side, it would illegal.  So we have to leave 1 side blank.  Use this money for close up shots.  Most videos get 2-3 stacks for their close-ups. It comes in stacks of 100 bills, about 1" tall.  It comes in: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.  It is $45 per stack.  You can have a stack that looks exactly like $10,000 for only $45.  I wish it was cheaper, but it's not easy for us to make this realistic prop money! 

$45 per stack to buy it

Call (404) 349-7600 to place your order. 

--->> Click here to order it! <<---




RJR's Most Realistic Distressed Prop Money:

Hand-made, wrinkled and hand stained to perfection!

The finest available for TV, Film, Commercials and Music Videos

$65/stack (ea stack is 100 bills)

--->>>  Click Here to Order!  <<<---

RJR Props - Prop Money - Distressed Prop Money

RJR Props - Prop Money - High-Grade - 3-18-2019

RJR's Incredible Realistic High-Grade Prop Money:

Ideal for closeups, and counting shots. It is so realistic its only legal for us to print it on 1-side. 

$45 a stack

-->> Click here to order it! <<--

Gray Duffle Bag of Money

Looks great for drug deal, bamk robbery, etc

Rental Price: Call

Blue Duffle Bag of Money


Looks great for drug deal, bank robbery, etc


Rental Price: Call

Briefcase of Money:


Looks great for drug deal, bank robbery, etc


Rental Price: Call


Money Counting Machines:

We have money counters available for your Music Video.  They will make your video look great.  This makes you look good, counting all that money. Call (404) 349-7600 to rent your Money Counters.  It's only $95 per week to rent it.


$95 / week to rent your Money Counter

Call (404) 349-7600 to place your order





Please note there is a $150 deposit that you get back when you return the money counter.


Throne Chair:

Qty Available: 2

BEAUTIFUL real throne chairs. These are giant beautiful throne chairs with carved wood and leather. 

If you rent them, there is a DEPOSIT you must leave in order to make sure they come back in the same excallent condition.

Price: $350 / week per chair

Deposit: $950 (you get it back when they are returned on time in the same condition).

Directors Chairs:

Qty: 6 large chairs

       and 6 medium chairs

Color: As shown

Rental Price: TBD

Stantions / Access Control

and Red Carpets:

We have stantions andrope chains, two styles available: 

Style #1: Chrome Poles available with red ropes or white plastic chains(pictured above and center).

Style #2: Black with retractable strap ropes (pictured below)

Red Carpets: Available for rental. Various sizes.

Rental Price: TBD

"Electric Lady" Janelle Monae Music Video  2014, (Janelle Monae)  RJR Props provided props for the remake of the #1 Album of the Year.  RJR provided Sci-Fi props, Custom Electronic Props, and Vintage Music props.

Special Order Jobs:

We recently made these "U.S. Treasury" stacks for a customer.  Each 12" stack is really (10) filler stacks put together into 1 big stack of 1000 bills.  It is GIANT.  It's about 12" Tall.  This is exactly what REAL Treasury Stacks look like. 

When we made this special project, we used a real $1 bill on the top and bottom of each stack, and we used 10 Filler Stacks inside.  It looks exactly like a real Treasury stack!  This is 1000 bills in a stack about 12" tall.   We normally sell filler stacks for $45 each (there are 10 inside this). 10 Filler stacks x $45 ea = $450, but we sell each of these at a discount for only $350 each.

STANDARD-GRADE TREASURY STACKS:  If you get this with a Std Grade prop bill on top, filled with 10 stacks of high grade filler stacks, the price is $350 ea.

HIGH-GRADE TREASURY STACKS: If you get this with a High-Grade Prop bill on the top and bottom,  filled with 10 stacks of high-grade filler stacks, the price is $550 ea.  This looks VERY exactly like a real $100,000 Treasury stack.  It contains 10 stacks of $10,000 each !!!  This is incredibly realistic and giant !!! $550 ea 

STACKS MADE FROM REAL MONEY:  The MOST REALISTIC Treasury Stack is made from REAL MONEY.  We put a REAL $100 bill on the top and a REAL $100 on the bottom.  Inside you get 10 High-Grade Filler stacks.  This looks like $100,000 of real money.  It comes in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 stacks.  You get this with a REAL BILL on top and bottom, and 10 stacks of high-grade filler stacks inside. The price is $550 ea plus the cost of the real bills

For example, if we made it with $1's, it would be $550+2=552 

If we made it with REAL $100 bills, it would be $750:  $550 for the 10 stacks, plus $200 for the two $100 bills on top and bottom.



Here is a different view of the U.S. Treasury Stacks.



Here is a close-up of the top of the U.S. Treasury Stack.  It looks absolutely perfect.  We used REAL MONEY on the top and bottom, and we used filler stacks in the center to acheive this look.


Here is the back side of the U.S. Treasury stack.  It is absolutely 100% REAL MONEY on the top and bottom, and we used filler stacks in the middle to acheive this look.

Most Music Videos get 5-10 stacks of Standard-Grade  Full-Print stacks for their normal shots.
And they get 2-3 stacks of High-Grade  Prop Money for the close-up tight shots to look realistic. 
The "full-print" stack is printed all the way through, and it's good for fanning and flashing. Its a
stack of 100 sheets of $100 dollar bills. It is fronts of $100 bills only (no backs due to counterfeiting
laws). It's printed all the way through, so you can fan it, or flash it.
You can get Standard-Grade bills or High-Grade bills. The Standard-grade is
double-sided. It looks good for normal scenes. But it doesn't look real if you
look very closely at it. It's good for normal shots up to 20" away. If you a need
very real look for a tight shot, the High-Grade looks very real, but it's only printed
on one-side to avoid counterfeiting problems. Please choose how many stacks
you will need. And choose if you need Standard or High-Grade. Thank you!
OPTION #1: Standard-Grade Prop Money:
1 Week Rent: Filler-Stack (filler paper inside)........ $25/stack +  deposit*
1 Week Rent: Full print (printed all the way thru)... $35/stack +  deposit*
Purchase Filler Stacks: (blank filler paper inside)...  $40/stack
Purchase Full print Stacks:(printed all the way thru) $45/stack
- or-
OPTION #2:  High-grade Prop Money:
1 Week Rent: Filler-Stack (filler paper inside)........ $40/stack +  deposit**
1 Week Rent: Full print (printed all the way thru)... $65/stack +  deposit**
Purchase Filler Stacks: (blank filler paper inside)...  $70/stack
Purchase Full print Stacks:(printed all the way thru) $85/stack
*   Deposit is $10/stack. You get it back when props are returned on time in good condition
** Deposit is $20/stack for high-grade. You get it back when props are returned on time in good condition

WE HAVE MORE PROPS AVAILABLE!   Please look at our other pages to see our other Props.




We made 17 design changes to the front side, and 11 design changes made to the back side.  Furthermore, the money is NOT printed on both sides.  The back is totally blank.  If you order fronts, they have NO back side.  The back is left blank.  If you order backs, we leave the front blank.  Also, all original artwork has been replaced and completely redesigned with different artwork.  It looks like real money at a quick glance, but looking closely reveals that it is completely different artwork, different seals, multiple warnings that it is NOT real, and that it is NOT for legal tender.