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This page shows some of our oldest work, way way back!


The Odd Life of Timothy Green, starring Jennifer Garner and Ron Livingston

RJR Props provided Props for 7 major scenes in "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  We provided Props for 1) Adoption Office Scene: Adoption Papers, Telephones, Computers, Office Props, Coffee Maker, Water Cooler; 2) Doctor's Office Scene: Patient files, Medical Certificates on the wall, Medical stationary, Medical Records, Telephones, Computers, Office Props; 3) Nurses Station Scene: Telephones, Computers, Medical Carts, Medical Props and Office Props; 4) Pencil Factory Scene: Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Vintage 1960's Pallet Racking, Vintage 1960's Shelving, 1950's industrial seating, chairs, stools, telephones, Computers, Office Props; 5) Executive Office: Office Props, Computers, Telephones, Cork Boards, Desk Accessories; 6) Break Room: Office Props, Computers, Telephones, Office Props, Water Cooler;  7) Hospital Scene: Medical Props and Office Props.  This could be the blockbuster of the summer!!!

"The Tomb" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone

The upcoming blockbuster "The Tomb" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  RJR Props provided Props for a number of scenes including custom-built high-tech room for one of the major scenes (can't reveal yet), and we had it shipped to Louisianna for filming.  RJR also provided various Props for a number of other major scenes.  We cannot release photos of our Props until the movie is released.  Here are recent photos that were released to the public:


"American Reunion"

This is RJR Props on the set of "American Reunion" 1 hour before Final Rehearsal.  RJR Props provided the Computer Terminals seen in this Stock Brokerage scene, and we assisted with Digital Playback:


"American Reunion" 

Here is another view of the Brokerage Scene, in which we provided all the computers as seen here:

"The Walking Dead, Season 3 on AMC Network"

RJR custom-built a helicopter cockpit for the upcoming Season Premier.  We cannot give away any details, but you can see a sneak preview of the Premier if you click the link below!  We are excited about the great work done by RJR Props and the entire talented team at Walking Dead:

-->  Click here to preview the Season Premier Trailer!  <--


        RJR Props recreated a Huey Helicopter Cockpit for AMC's Walking Dead:

We cannot reveal any plot, any script, or any scenes of the Sason Premier!  But you can watch the recently released trailer to see the helicopter we worked on.  The photos shown below were not taken from Walking Dead.  They are photos of a similar aircraft, so you can see what we worked on, and what we recreated.  If you want to see the big reveal, watch AMC's Trailer now !

Click here to see the trailer! 

"Coma" on the A&E Network

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, James Woods, Geena Davis,

Lauren Ambrose ("Six Feet Under") and Steven Pasquale ("Rescue Me").

This modern remake of the classic "Coma" was amazing.  RJR Props provided extensive Medical Props seen throughout this creepy movie.  It will scare a whole new generation, and if you saw the original, it will add whole new twists to this classic suspense chiller!  Incredibly talented line-up!



Photos from Coma: (more photos coming soon!)


TBS's hit series "Level Up" 

RJR Props provided Props for many scenes in TBS's "Level Up" including the "money shot" opening scene with giant lasers, the secret government research facility, this Computer Room Scene,  and numerous other scenes:

TBS's hit series "Level Up"

Another scene in "Level Up" when they were searching for ghouls and monsters. RJR Provided much of the props in the school scene here, and numerous other scenes.  We were actually on-set this day during filming (we were off frame about 10 feet to the left).  The pilot was a well-received hit, and this series is currently now in syndication:


We have also provide Props for many other Productions!  These are just a few.  To see a complete list of our recent productions, please click this link to see our  ---> RECENT PRODUCTIONS <---