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News Camera Collection:

RJR props has been blessed to obtain a world-class collection of prop news cameras dating back to the earliest days of the media!  Available for Feature Film Camera Rental, Vintage Camera Rental, Vintage Camera Props, Photo Shoots, stills, commercials & more!  (If you need STUDIO CAMERAS, click blue tab on the left labeled "CAMERAS, STUDIO")


OVER 125 NEWS Cameras and Studio Cameras:

1950 thru Present!

RJR Props - News Cameras - ENG Cameras

Gorgeous Vintage News Cameras!  Perfect for Vintage Camera Props & Vintage Camera Rentals

Video of our ENG Camera Collection:

Vintage Prop Cameras!  Ideal for Feature Film, TV, Still Photos or Commercials:

Incredible Vintage News Camera Collection!



Rack #1 (far right), Top Shelf first, left to right

Hitachi FP22

Hitachi FP15U

Hitachi FP10

Hitachi FP10

Toshiba VM 1600

Hitachi VKC500

Hitachi FP7

Hitachi FP Z31

RACK #2: Top shelf, left to right

Ikegami 70E

Ikegami ITC 730

Ikegami ITC 730

Ikegami ITC 730

Ikegami ITC 350

Ikegami 730A (another 730A on tripod with large VF)

Ikegami 735

Sony Tinitron Color Camera (no model #)

Shibaden IP 100

RCA TK76 (another TK76 is mounted on a tripod)

RCA TK 710

RCA New Vision CCO11 (consumer model)

Panasonic WV3085

Toshiba IK 1850

Panasonic WV2300

RCA Color Camera CC002 (consumer model)

RACK #3: Top Shelf First, left to right

Sony BVP 330 (another is not shown)


Sony DCX 1820

Sony DCX 1640

Sony DCX 1610

Sharp XC100

Sharp XC700

Thompson TV 160P (made in 2002)

Sony BVP 150

Sony DCX537A

Sony HVC 2200

Sony DCX 1820

Sony DCX 1800

Sony DCX M7

Sony Video-Corder

Sony Video Camera AVC 3200

Panasonic Digital 5100 HD

Panasonic WV 3900B

Panasonic WV555

Panasonic WV 777

Panasonic WV V3

Sony DCX 1210

Sony DCX 1210

Ikegami ITC 360

RACK #4  Top shelf, left to right

JVC Saticon GX 5700


JVC BY 110

JVC BY 110

JVC KY 3700

JVC KY 210

JVC KY 310

JVC KY 25 (3 CCD with Vid tape record)

JVC KY1900

JVC KY 1900


Sony HVC 2800

Panasonic WV 341P Color Camera

Salvinia Vidicon Camera, 4 lens, c mount turret (black & White)

Panasonic FV 302

Hitachi FP1010

JVC CH 1800 color camera

JVC CH 1800 color camera

Not shown, 2 Sony LC 590 ENG Cameras in original rolling cases from WSB Atlanta