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Tour of RJR Props:

Welcome to RJR Props!  We are conveniently located in Atlanta, GA, and we can ship Props anywhere in the world.  We have a brand-new large building filled with row after row of thousands of unique exotic Props.  Here is a brief overview of the genres of Props available:


* Office Props/Sets:  Computers (300 styles), Phones (800 styles), Faxes, Printers, Copiers
* Computer Props:  Newer Computers, Monitors, Vintage Eqmt, 7' tall Mainframes and more!
* Computer Rooms:  Mainframes, Server Racks, Comm Gear, Server Farms, Military, etc 
* Situation Rooms / War Rooms:  Monitors, Servers, Racks, Communication Gear
* Doctor's Office Props: Exam Tables, Blood pressure, Test Eqmt, Stethescope, Hammer, etc
* Hospital Props:  ER Gear, OR Table, Stretchers, Beds, X-Ray, MRI, Life Support Units, etc
* Lab Gear: Blood Analyzers, Microscopes, Blood Chemistry, Test Tubes, Glassware and more!
* Forensic:  HPLC Analyzer, Spectrometers, Chromatography, Blood Analyzers, etc
* Military Gear:  Communication Sets, Radios, Test Sets, Military computers, etc
* Sci-Fi Props:  Control Panels, Servers, Exotic electronics, Dials, Gages, lighting
* Security Equipment:  Cameras, Monitors, Biometric & Iris scanners, Crypto-locks, etc
* A/V Gear: News Cameras, Stereos, VCR's, TV's, Mixers, Audiophile Gear, Boomboxes, etc
* Industrial Electronics:  Generators, Electrical Panels, Industrial Controllers, etc
* Household Electronics:  New or Vintage! Stereos, Radios, TVs, Telephones, VCR, record players
* Set Pieces: Vintage telephones, radios, phonographs, TVs, projectors, office props, etc
* Retail Store Equipment:  Cash Registers, POS Scanners, Credit Card Readers
* Restaurant Props:  Credit Card Readers, Cash Registers, Order Entry gear, etc
* Exotic Gear: Custom Props, Exotic Electronics, Industrial, Controllers, anything electronic!
* Elevator Props NEW!:  Elevator Control Panels, fully operational!  Rigged to light up!
* ATM Props NEW!:  fresh new styles of ATM's that just arrived!  Rigged to light up!
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Our New Building:                       Over 600 Pallets of Gear:                  Well-Organized:

Well-organized Props area:                 Exotic Props:             Medical & Hospital Props:


Military Comm Gear:             Control Panels & Electronics:            Patient Monitors:







MODERN OFFICE PHONES: Over 800 styles to choose from in stock



OFFICE PROPS / OFFICE SETS:  Telephones, Computers, Monitors, Printers, Faxes, Copiers, Telephones, Files and much more!

DOCTOR'S OFFICE PROPS:  Exam Table, Medical Cart, EKG, Blood Pressure, etc

HOSPITAL BEDS:                                               STRETCHERS:

Surgical Table  / Operating Table / O.R. Table:


Thousands of Exotic Electronics:


Our New ATM's

Laboratory Glassware, Test Equipment, Spectrometers, Forensic & Medical Props available:

Elevator Props (rigged to light up!)             And a Call Panel (rigged to light up!)


To see ALL of our Props, select the type from props categories below.

Click the props tabs below to see photos.   Thank you!