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Behind the Scenes:

Behind the scenes of every production are hard working people that the public never see.  We often work late into the night, working 18 hrs a day, sometimes more.  Getting up when it's dark, working throught the day, and sometimes through the night, to make sure it all done right.  Planning, adjusting, building, transporting, to get it on set, on time, on budget.  It's a tremendous blessing when it all comes together.  This page is dedicated to the people getting it done.

RJ and Rachel (our Public Relations person) at Screen Gems Studios event


Here is a sneak peek of the trailer for

Paramount film "Welcome to Yesterday" (retitled Almanac):

RJR Props provided most of the Electronic Props for the major sets.  We also provided Office Props, Computer Props, Medical Props, and a large variety of other props for many of the sets in this amazing production.  It was great working again with the highly talented David Smith. 


Here are photos of RJ and his crew making cabling for "The Internship"

We purchased over 30,000 feet of cabling to make the massive cable bundles seen in the production.  We used 120' runs of cabling in our warehouse to build up the giant bundles seen in the movie:

In the movie Coma, we used a genuine operating table that we purchased.

We provided an extensive variation of medical props, electronics, computers, and special effects items.  We also provided a "polio leg brace" that Ellen Burstyn insisted on wearing throughout the entire production to fully "get into the character".  She was amazing. It was a wonderful production to work on.


In this scene, Ellen Burstyn has Geena Davis strapped to our Operating Table, ready to do her in:


It's nearly the end for Geena on the table (gosh our table looks good!)


Here James Woods tries to save a patient (gosh those medical props look good!):

Photos from the Odd Life of Timothy Green: 

Here is the pencil factory scene from "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  We provided a wide variety of Industrial Props, Office Props, Hand Props and more.