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Airplane Mockup / Airplane Interior

for Film, Television, Commercials and Music Video:

RJR Props has 6 Airplane mockups available: Commercial Airplane, Vintage Commercial plane, Luxury Jet, Attack Helicopter, Airplane Fuselage, and 3 working Cockpits. These are available for rent for Features Film, Television, Commercials, Corporate Video or Music Video. We also have a wide variety of airplane seats from the vintage 1970's to modern seating!

* Modern Commercial Aircraft: from 21' to 40' long

* 737 Commercial Aircraft: working cockpit, galley, lavatory, and cabin

* Luxury Jet: Gulfstream G4 40' long

* Huey Helicopter: Ideal for Police, Rescue, Military or Attack Helicopter (non-flying)

* Modern Commercial Cockpit

* Vintage Commerical Cockpit (ideal for jump plane)

* Futuristic Fighter Jet Cockpit

* Aircraft Fuselage: ideal for crash scenes

* Call to reserve them for your production! (404) 349-7600


Gulfstream G4 Luxury Jet:

40' Luxury Jet Interior:  Gulfstream G4 with the finest luxuries

Exquisite style, leather and craftsmanship

Luxury Jet mockup, Luxury Jet standing set,


Luxury Jet mock-up for filming, Gulfstream G4 mockup, G4 Jet for rent, G4 Jet for filming

                                RJR's Plane Interior featured in a recent show:

                          You can have it for your production. Call to reserve it today (404) 349-7600

Airplane interior for filming


RJR's Commercial Airplane Interior:

This is our Commercial Airplane Interior. It can be confirgured to be complete 21' long as seen.  Or it can also be configured as a 30' long wall on the left, and a shorter 10' on the right.  Or it can be configured as one giant 40' long wall on the left side of the plane, for a long shot.  Call RJR to reserve it for your production! (404) 349-7600



Our Commercial Airplane interior on the TV show "Atlanta"

--->>  Click here to see the video  <<---

RJR Props - Airplane interior from Atlanta show

RJR Props - Airplane seats - business class - blue leather - 2

Different Configurations:

Business Class, blue leather seats.

We did this 30' long run for a TV show. It looked incredible!

Avail: approx 40 seats

Color: as shown

Rental Price: Call

Airplane Seats - Business Class - Blue Leather


Long 40' run:

Business Class, blue leather seats

We did this 40' run for another TV show. It went very well!

Avail: 40 seats

Color: as shown

Rental Price: Call

RJR Props - Mockup Airplane Interior - with Oxygen masks


Airplane Interior with Oxygen Masks that drop on cue!

RJR's passenger plane interior has Oxygen masks that are designed to drop on cue.

For more info, call us at (404) 349-7600



Commuter Plane:


In this shot, our plane is configured as a commuter plane for

a TV Commercial. When the talent came back from break,

they had 20 people in the commuter plane. It worked perfectly!



RJR Props - Airplane Cockpit Mockup 2-5-2019 - 2


Fully Operational:

Lights, Dials and Gauges light up!

Incredible detail work. Ideal for cockpit scenes.

Call for pricing (404) 349-7600

RJR Props - Cockpit

Our Cockpit Mockup is large enough to film in!

Easily large enough 4 people. There are 4 seats total:

  • Pilot
  • Copilot
  • Rear Jumpseat behind Pilot
  • Flight Attendant Jumpseat


RJR Props - Cockpit Mockup, Airplane Cockpit Set for Filming, Cockpit Set for Film


RJR Props - Cockpit mockup

Cockpit for Filming:

This cockpit is available for filming We will be adding optional glass cockpit controls & playback graphics. Many instruments light up! The effect is a beautiful cockpit ready for Feature Films, Television, Commercials and more!

Call for Details!

                      RJR Props - Cockpit Mockup - 2-5-2019 - 2


Incredible details! This cockpit is available for filming.

You can film on loction at our facility!

Call for price and details (404) 349-7600

RJR Props - Commercial Plane for Film Rental

Commercial Plane for Film Rental available:

This commercial plane is available for film rental. It is approx 40' long. It comes with a fully functional cockpit, lavatory, galley, 2 working aircraft doors (1 on each side) and 8 rows of seating.

RJR Props - Commercial Airplane for film rental


RJR Props - Helicopter for rent for movie production

Helicopter Available for rent for Film Production:

Ideal for Police Helicopter, Rescue Helicopter, Attack Helicopter, etc

Options: 50 cal machine gun, mini gun, etc

RJR Props - Helicopter - for film production

Many options available:


You have 4 choices of seating:

*Modern Business Class Seats: blue leather individual seats. Rows of 2, 3 or 4 across

*Rows of Neutral Blue Seats: They come in rows of 2, 4 or 4 seats

*First Class Buisness Seats: they come in pairs

*Rows of Vintage Blue seats: they come in rows of 2, 3 or 4

Photos are shown below

RJR Props - Mockup Airplane for filming

Modern Blue Leather Business Class Seats:

These come in individual seats. Thet can be set up in rows of 2, 3, 4 or whatever you need.

Seats Avail: 42

Period: Modern

Rental Price: Call

RJR Props - Airplane Seats - Vintage Seats - Blue Fabric

Rear Side:

RJR Props - Airplane Seats - Blue Fabric



Rows of Seats:


These seats come in rows. They come in rows of 2, 3 or 4 across.  It is a neutral blue fabric pattern. 

Avail: apprx 50 seats

These come as attached seats in rows of: 2, 3, or 4 seats

Period: 1980's - 2000's

Rental Price: Call

RJR Props - Airplane Seats - Vintage Airplane seats - First class

First Class Business Seats: 

Vintage Blue leather seats with tan accent seats

Avail: apprx 16 rows

These in rows of 2 attached seats

Period: 1980's - 1990's

Rental Price: Call

BONUS! You can see our Oxygen masks that can drop down on cue  in this photo!

RJR Props Vintage Airplane Seats

Rear Side:

RJR Props - Airplane Seats - Vintage

Rows of Seats:

Vintage Neutral fabric seats. These come as attached seats in rows of: 2, 3, or 4 seats across.

Avail: We have 8 rows of three. And 4 rows of two.

Period: late 1970's - 1990's

Rental Price: Call

Beautiful Interior Details!

Close up showing details!  Each unit has Oxygen masks that can drop down as needed


We can connect 10' sections to create a huge run up to 40' long.  This is 20' shown here.

Perfect for a long dolly runs!:



Ten Foot Sections:

We have (4) 10' sections. We can configure your shot 3 different ways:

1.) 2 Sections on the left, and 2 sections on the right of the Airplane, giving you 20' to film.

2.) 3 sections on the left and 1 on the right giving you 30' to film.

3.) 4 sections on 1 side of the airplanne giving you 40' to film.


10' Sections:

We have 4 sections. Each is 10' long. They look fresh and clean. Each section is on heavy-duty decking with heavy-duty casters. 

Rental Price: Call

Business Class leather seats:

Qty: 42

Color: Blue Vinyl

Condition: Excellent

Rental Price: $TBD


This was the aircraft.  This was one of the planes interiors that we purchased.  We only purchased the interior, not the whole plane.  It was an Airtran: the same size as the Airbus A319 and A320, making this an excellent choice for filming.  The aircraft was 120' long by 28' tall. It held 115 passengers.  The internal size is 11' wide by 6' 9" tall".  We have a huge 20' foot section of interior, that can be easily moved in four 10' peices, plus isles.  Everything is on heavy duty casters.

Aircraft Interior:

We removed the interior from this aircraft. This photo was taken the day we de-installed the interior.  It was an incredible blessing.  It took a lot of work.  We had just finished removing the interior from the plane. We used a wide angle lens to capture the whole aircraft, seen from the nose cone.  



Airplane Fuselage:

(This is a different airplane from the one shown above)

This is a genuine section of Airplane Fuselage. It has 4 windows and it can hold up to 3 rows of seats. Ideal for doing inside/outside shots. It is also ideal for a plane crash section.  It can be filmed from the inside or outside. Outer dimensions: 105"wide x 105" tall x 88" long.  Ideal for small scenes or tight budgets.  We can dress it so it looks bigger. We can add a curtain to look like you're only seeing 1 section in the plane. Call (404) 349-7600 for more details!

Rental Price: $TBD

Here is the entire fuselage. Ideal for tight shots, interesting shots, or plane crash scenes. Call (404) 349-7600 for more info:

Fuselage Section with Seats:

It can be used outdoors or indoors. It is the same unit as pitured above.

Rental Price: TBD

Huey Attack Helicopter:

*50 cal machine gun

*Complete Cockpit

*Every detail perfect

These are actual photos of the helicopter. Call for more info: (404) 349-7600.


RJR's Newest Airplane

RJR Props newest addition. This will be used for a new upcoming project

RJR Props - Mockup Airplanes for Film and Television


Airplane Crash Scene Parts:


We have a large group of airplane parts, ideal for a plane crash scene.

We have large engine cowling, window sections, airplane parts, etc. Parts have

burn marks & dressing. They have been used for plane crash scenes.

RJR Props - Plane Crash rental for film use