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Pistols, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Fantasy weapons, Futuristic Weapons , Police Gear, Riot Gear,  WWII Weapons, WWI Weapons, Civil War Weapons, and much more! You will not be dissapointed!  (404) 349-7600  If you are looking for guns and police props, please visit our "Guns" page


We can provide Military Missiles (props) for your production. Highly realistic.

Qty: Over 30 avail

Price: Call

RJR Props - RPG Missile - 1

RPG's - Exact replica

They look EXACTLY like the real thing. These RPG's were made as practice RPGs. They are the same size, weight, feel and same rugged metals parts. The military case is also an exact replica of the real RPGs. See photos below.

Qty: 1 Case

Color: As shown

Rental Price: Call

RJR Props - RPG Missiles - 2


They look EXACTLY like the real thing in every detail. We have 1 case of 3 hero RPGs available. We can add'l fake RPG boxes for dressing. These are the hero units!

These come complete with the RPG's, Primers, Guidance Fins, fake explosive tip, etc

RJR Props - RPG Missiles - 3

RPG Primers:

These screw onto the bottom of each RPG, just like the real thing. Ready to launch.

Qty avail: 4

RJR Props - RPG Missiles - 4RJR Props - RPG Missile - 4

Ready to Fire: RPG

It's the right color, right markings, right weight, right size. Snap on the primer and it's ready to go.

Qty avail: 3

Pricing: Call

RJR Props - RPG Missile - 5


RPG Missile: 

It's as mean and realistic as it gets. Exact replica made for training the soldiers who use them. 


RJR Props - Police Props

Police Weapons:

We have police belts, police guns, hand cuffs, assualt rifles, riot sheilds, and more!

Call or come in to pick out whatever you need!

Riot Shield props, prop riot shields

Riot Shields:

These are prop riot shields. Ideal for police, military, etc. They are strong plastic with hand grips and straps. 

Qty avail:  approx 10 

Color: Clear as shown

Size: Approx 28" h x 22" w

Rental Price: Call

Police baton props, prop police batons

Police Batons:

These are lightweight "safe" hollow replica plastic batons ideal for the look, but not all the dangers of real batons. Ideal for police, military, etc

Qty: 5

Size: approx 22"

Color: black as shown

Rental Price: Call

RJR Props - Police Props - Assault Rifles

Police Props -

Assault Rifles:

We have over 50 assault rifles, shot guns, machine guns, sniper rifles and more to choose. Incredibly realistic. Anything you can possibly need!

Qty: Over 50

Price: Call

50 Caliber Machine Gun - prop gun

50 caliber machine:

Qty: 1

Size: lifesize approx 4.2' h x 14" w x 4.9' l

Color: as shown

M16 Rifle Prop Gun, M4 Rifle Prop Gun, AK47 Assault Rifle Prop Gun, Prop Guns

M16, M4 and AK47:

We have multiples availalb of each

Glock 19 prop gun

Glock 19 prop gun

Glock 19 prop gun

Glock 19 Prop gun:

Qty 5 avail

Size: lifesize

Desert Eagle prop gun

Desert Eagle prop gun:

Qty: 1

Size: lifesize

Color: as shown

Rental price: Call

Mossberg shotgun prop, Prop Mossberg shotgun

Mossberg shotgun prop:

Qty: 1

Color: as shown

Rental price: Call

RJR Props - prop guns, gun props

Prop Guns:

We have over 100 non-firing prop guns for Television, Film, Commercials and Videos: hand guns, assault rifles, machine guns, etc